About Our Food
Tadka House offers a wide variety of low-calorie, healthy food. Our menu lists an array of lean meat, fresh vegetables, lentils and beans. The fat content in our recipes is reduced while retaining the very best flavours and aromas of India.

Here at Tadka House we use many traditional herbs and spices in the preparation of our dishes. The use of cardamom or black pepper is a key component of any Indian meal. Vitally however, the use of these herbs and spices reduce the amount of salt we use in our recipes, without diminishing flavour.
Our Quality and Freshness Promise
We use Irish meat, with all fresh and halal food. We don’t use artificial colouring, and we have replaced sugar with honey. We are proud to be the first Indian takeaway which uses nutrition analysis. The food calorie count is offered by NutriCount.

About Our Chefs
Our team of international, professional chefs look forward to sharing their passion for Indian cuisine and culture with you. Coming from different backgrounds our talented chefs have trained in world-renowned establishments, rich with culinary experience and knowledge

Healthy Choice
Our chefs work tirelessly to create surprising and inspired dishes that help you live a healthy lifestyle. Unique dishes full of gourmet flavors and fresh ingredients, each prepared to make every meal just as enjoyable as the feeling you're left with after.